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Google suggest keyword tool

Posted date: 17 Sep 2011 | Posted by: admin | 3 comments

Google has a lot of cool features that support you to find your right keyword and do some market research. One in this collection is Google Suggest. Let me remind you of a very important thing about this feature:

Google Suggest is personalized in many ways (including your search history, location, etc) – keep that in mind if you are using it for keyword research or anything similar.

See the following image for imaging it more easily.

google suggest keyword tool

As you may have noticed, Google only displays top 10 (or fewer) suggestions for any term you enter. How can these sets of phrases be expanded?

1. Google Suggest Result Expansion… by adding each letter of the alphabet at the end of the provided phrase:

For example:

  • seo a
  • seo b
  • seo c
  • seo d
  • etc

Each of these queries will result in 10 more search suggestions.

2. Google Suggest Result Expansion… By digging deeper into each phrase:

Now, if you take any phrase you see suggested and enter it in the search box, you will see suggestions for that whole phrase – and you can go on this way until Google has nothing to suggest.

3. Google Suggest Result Expansion… By providing several random (related) phrases:

To get more ideas, just provide more terms to search.

We are hard working on a free version of a tool that includes all above features. You can access the tool here or http://miragedesign.net/tools/google-suggest/

P/s: we still working on it so be calm at this time! You will get the full functional tool ASAP!

Feel free to comment here or contact us

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3 Responses to “Google suggest keyword tool”

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